Which Is The Most Effective Advertising Tool? Facebook or Google?

  • 12 January, 2019
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Which Is The Most Effective Advertising Tool? Facebook or Google?

Google and Facebook continue to command a great deal of importance in the Digital Marketing world. And this has a lot to do with their sprawling users-base, which hosts more than 3 billion people in total. Large groups of these users, for all business intents and purposes, are potential customers.

In the past, people have mainly used social media as a means to socialize and making friends and sharing their daily stuffs with the closed ones. But today, beside these they use as business tools that help to rake in serious profits comes without question. One big or small business is completed without having Facebook page and email specially gmail. 

Today Facebook and google are not just the social media platform for the users. They are the tech giants. People use these platform for promotional of their business. For startups, however, the opportunities for gaining a lot of website traffic in this way are relatively limited. Except in a few cases where the business is low on marketing funds, and so it needs to rely on SEO and SEM strategies to remain afloat.

Both have the potential customers. Facebook converts your non potential customers to the customers. You may be wondering how and may have bursts into laugh. Let me explain. There are more than 2 billion Facebook users from across the world. Most of them are in the Facebook just for making friends. But all of them have something in their wish list.  Facebook have their algorithm in such a way that they can track your day to day activities in the Facebook and will display the ads according to your visits. So you will get the ads in your Facebook dashboard as your wish list.

Google too works in the same manner.

Now lets discuss their features and how they work.

Google v/s Facebook ads

Lastly, Without the ads campaign, We can show our results in the google by the means of SEO.  But till this date there are not such facility for showing the result in the Facebook. 

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