No padlock even if the site has ssl !

  • 21 June, 2019
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No padlock even if the site has ssl !

Sometimes the unexpected happen. While working on the ssl site we have encounter the problem that’s unexpected and the problem that we have never known. The problem is even the site is fully secured but the padlock is not seen or lets say the padlock is not fully locked. Didn’t get it how that happen. That seems very frustrating and challenging at the same time.

But no worries found the solution after sometimes after google. Thanks to google that helps me a lot in solving my problem.

The reason behind this was the third party url that doesn’t have the ssl.

So lets solve the problem.

  1. Simply go to this website:
  2. Enter you website and click test page and it shows all the possible reasons that why your site is not showing the padlock.
  3. Solving the problem is easy as it shows the reason and the link.

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