How to extract text from image with help of image to text converter?

  • 27 November, 2022
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How to extract text from image with help of image to text converter?

Image-to-text conversion or extracting text from an image (as it is otherwise called) is done with the help of OCR. OCR stands for “Optical Character Recognition”. This is an AI technology that allows computers to identify text inside an image. 

The complete process of extracting text from an image can be broken down into three major steps; Pre-processing, character recognition, and post-processing.

In pre-processing, the image is cleaned and binaries as in the contrast is maximized so that dark text shows up against a light background. Then the characters are recognized and extracted into a digitally edited format. Finally, in post-processing, the text is checked for spelling mistakes and corrected.

This entire process is done by a tool. You can find such tools online easily. Most of them are also free to use. In this article, we will show you how you can use one such tool to extract text from an image.

Steps for Extracting Text from an Image using a Tool

These are very easy-to-follow steps. The only prerequisite is that you must have a device with an internet connection and a web browser.

1. Search for an Image to Text Converter

The first step requires that you open your browser and navigate to a search engine of your choice. Then you have to type the following phrase in the search box:

“Image to text converter” 


“Extract Text from Image”

Both these searches will yield similar results. You can just pick up the top tool. In this case, we picked the first image to text converter in the search results.

That is because top results are usually very good and have several features that make them better than their competitors.

You are not limited to choosing the top image-to-text converter. You can check out the other tools as well and pick the one you like best.

2. Input Your Image into the Converter

Most tools that can extract text from an image allow you to input the image in several ways. The first method that any tool allows is the standard drag n’ drop method. You open an image and drag it into the tool’s UI.

Another standard method is to open a file explorer window and choose an image to upload. 

Some tools can go beyond these two methods as well. They let you provide images from online sources. Sometimes this is available as a URL option i.e., the user has to provide the link of an image, and the image to text converter automatically retrieves it.

Another method that is quite rare in many tools is the option to import images from cloud storage such as Google Drive. An image-to-text converter with this option is good for when you have to work on different devices and don’t want the hassle of keeping a USB drive.

3. Submit Your Image and Receive the Output

This is the final step in extract text from an image. Once you have inputted your image, you just have to press the “Submit” button or its equivalent. This will prompt the tool to process it.

After a few seconds, your image and the extracted text should show up on the screen. For most tools, they show up side by side. You can adjust any discrepancies here (if there are any) and then copy or download your text. 

Most tools will have an option for downloading the text in either TXT or DOC format. If there isn’t then a shortcut for copying is usually available.

This is the final step in extracting text from an image using an image-to-text converting tool.


And that is how you can extract all the text from an image without any hassle. Image-to-text converters are super easy to use, and they rarely have any bothersome restrictions on them. As such, you should have no trouble finding one and using it for your benefit.

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