How to use google images without copyright

  • 5 February, 2019
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How to use google images without copyright

Most of us use the images from the google in our blog or website. But what we are not aware of is there can be copyright issues for such images. The author or the publisher can sue us for using their images. 

So isn’t there any alternative way for using these images without having issue. Of course there is. We are going to discuss the method step by step.

use google images without copyright
use google images without copyright
  1. First of all go the the google images:
  2. In the search bar search for the images with the respective keyword.
  3. Click on the tools as shown in the fig. above.
  4. Then click on Usage rights. Drop down will open with multiple options.
  5. Click on Labeled for reuse.

All the images shown now are free to use in your website of blog or wherever you want. There won’t be any copyright issue.

If you want to use the high quality images for free, just follow this link.

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