Things to consider while designing a website

  • 24 February, 2020
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Things to consider while designing a website

Websites are the digital representation of the business. In this digital era, websites for any kind of business are compulsory because uses can get all the information about your company from there easily. If you are running a business and you don’t have a website, you are too backward in doing your business according to the time and change. It won’t be wrong if we say websites are the integral part of any business these days. For many business websites does the business for them as well.

The professional website is all you need to fight back with the competitive environment, gain potential leads, establish strong credibility, and help to build strong customer relationships. There are many things to consider while designing websites with professional looks.

Let’s discuss some things to consider while designing a website details:


Focus the design to both the audience (Potential Customers) and the pro coders. Most of the visitors of the websites are general users who don’t know the coding and they are seeking useful information. So make the website usable for them as well. Give them the information in a very simplified way.


Website speaks a lot about your company. One of the most important factors while designing a website is to take care of the speed. No one is going to stick with your website if they have to wait for a long time. There are many speed testing tools available in the market for free.


More than 40% of the total web traffic visits the website via mobile device. Make sure your website is fully mobile and desktop compatible. But that doesn’t mean you should neglect other devices. Here are the tools for testing the responsive design.


Even if your website is easily accessible, functions well, works quickly, and looks great, they still won’t be pleased unless you have compelling and engaging content on your site. Content marketing plays a major role in any company’s advertising campaign. You must be very picky and write the content targeting your audience. Video content and info-graphics are the major aspects to engage the customers.

Contact info:

As long as possible include all the measures of contacting you on the home page. When they like your service and all the other stuff that were displayed in your website and if they cannot find the right way to contact you easily. So make the contact information easily accessible as long as possible.

Call to action:

No calls to action button in your website? Another blunder mistake in your website. There should be some call to action button in your website in order to accelerate your sales process. This could be in many forms. “Contact us to discuss your next projects,” or “Take advantage of our free online quote,” or “Book us online” or “Contact us now!”

Important pages:

If the website lacks About us, privacy policy, contact us page. How could the customers know about you in detail? These are not the options but must have pages in the websites. The about us page describes all the information about your business like: how long you have been in the business, the people behind the company, history, mission, vision and many more. Likewise you have to describe the privacy and policy about your business and give direction and all the contact details too in your website.

Real photos:

There will be some photos in some of the pages as well. But they were all stock photos and makes the website great. But if possible a true representation of the company’s location or people and the interior design makes it more realistic. Real pictures are an important component for telling your company’s story. Without them, the visitor doesn’t feel he knows you and can trust you while doing business with you.

Simple SEO:

What is the use of a website if your potential customers cannot find you on the web. We are not talking about the SEO which cost you thousands of dollars and you have to go with the professional Digital Marketing Company. With the simple on page seo and with the free tools provided by google and other search engines also you can at least rank your website in the top page of the google. You can click here for the beginners guide for the seo for web designers.

Lead your customers:

Its not possible that one company can give all the services that the customers will be looking for. Even if you cannot provide the service, all you can do is to lead them to the services that they are looking for. This way you can gain a good impression and in future who know he/she will be your customers all well or they might send you the customers too.

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